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European Depression Day 2007
October 11th
Theme: "Overcoming depression: new life for the young"
So far, the following countries have organised during 2007 year a European Depression Day: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
Belgium: In 2006, three events were held in Walloon, three in Flanders and one in Brussels. Dr. Zdanowicz mentioned the difficulty of bringing together all partners and stakeholders within the country to focus on one event together, which all Members agreed was a hard task. A mass mailing campaign to spur interest in EDD was sent out and several psychiatrists responded with interest. In 2007, one event was organised in Walloon and one event in Brussels.
France: In 2006 and 2007, national events were organised on two levels: a national Conference at a prestigious forum (2006 - Senate, 2007 - Ministry of Health) with topics dealt with by both eminent members of the psychiatric community and patient testimony, followed by a public information day (information booths and animations at subway and train exits, public gardens). For the first time in 2007, the Minister of Health attended the conference and launched the national depression campaign. Events have also been organised in a dozen cities around Province. In 2007 for the first time, a “public service television announcement” on depression and EDD was financed, produced and broadcast in partnership with the France-Televisions public TV networks.
Italy: 25 conferences were held throughout Italy (in all regions except 3), some of them for pratictioners (with CME credits) and general population, others only for population; all with the following theme "Overcoming depression: new life for the young".
Spain: This year, EDA was less conference-oriented and organisation of events somewhat limited. More involvement from the authorities and professionals was gained, but additional outreach to the general public is necessary. In 2006, leaflets were distributed at airports and train stations throughout the country (organised by company mentioned above using students and hostesses) and a mass mailing campaign to all GPs in Spain with a brochure and a screening model was sent out. In 2007, several press conferences were held in Madrid to improve awareness and synergies were developed with an important GP conference held the same week, where a specific workshop was added. The EDA Spain Advisory Committee is currently working on two documents: one on epidemiological data and latest research results on depression and a second consensus document on the treatment of depression, including the interface between GPs and psychiatrists.
Switzerland: Information is needed on the participation of "Equilibrium Assoc." or other organisations in EDD.
Germany: Information is needed on the participation of Detlef Dietrich or other organisations in EDD.
UK: An important scientific congress has been held in Cambridge (11th - 13th October), organised by Bedforshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with University of Cambridge: the Cambridge/Luton Conference on Mental Health (at Churchill College, Cambridge); Organising Committee: Dr M. Agius, Dr R. Zaman, Prof. P. Jones. One topic of the meeting treated about the “Social aspects of Mood Disorders: the European Depression Day project” (speaker: Dr G. Tavormina, Italy).